SAC Songwriting & Blogging Challenge 2015: Week 3


Let’s clap and shake our hands.
Let’s clap and sing and dance.

And say, « Ah-woo! »
And say, « Ah-woo! »

Pretty Pink Pirouettes in a Polka Dot Dress

This is probably the most fun I’ve had in this year’s challenge yet! At first, the bit about the 15 and 30 second cutdowns in the brief stressed me out. I’d also never written a song for an ad, so this was stepping outside of my songwriting comfort zone. It’s always good to be a little scared when doing something important, but this time I had the added bonus of actually enjoying the nitty-gritty of it, and being proud of the results. That happened once I stopped worrying about the cutdowns, and started to approach the challenge with the perspective of just creating something I’d love in a playful and child-like vibe.

The lyrics are very simple. I tried to enter the mindset of a child, and I think I ended up with a children’s song lol.

The production references were all over the place, which is normal for me haha. Everything from Björk to Jessica Pratt to diva Mariah…and the fun part really kicked in when my some of my absolute favourite songs of the moment got involved:

Say U Would by LIZ

Feels So Good by Kylie

Good Together by Tom Aspaul

I describe the vibe of these songs as doing pretty pink pirouettes in a polka dot dress 🙂

Parts of a Pirouette

« Clap » is made up of:

  • Bass
  • An original Bell Lead I created that became the simple rhythmic chord part
  • Glockenspiel for the high-frequency part
  • Vibe Pad MG from the amazing Antidote Rack Extension for Reason
  • Rhodes keys for the final section
  • Snaps for percussion
  • My vocals, which are supported by two harmony parts in the 2nd section, and octave-doubled in the final section

I structured the song in three distinct sections, hopefully making it easier for the 15 and 30 second cutdowns.

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